How2Play VundaBall!!!
This game uses your device gyroscope to control the VundaBall. Hold your device level to start, and then rock your device side to side and forward and back to roll the VundaBall around the map. Think of it as a real ball inside your device that is being controlled by gravity.
Your goal is to roll VundaBall into all the smaller stationary balls on the map called PowerCells. PowerCells give you increased health. Bonus points are awarded while colliding with PowerCells when health is above 100%.
When you have cleared the map of all PowerCells, go to the home base check point and move onto the next level.
VundaBall health can be viewed by the health monitor in the upper right hand corner of the screen represented by a heart icon.

Colliding with PowerCells will increase health while colliding with the walls will decrease health. Some walls are stationary while others are moving around the map.

A bonus crystal called a Dion will appear if health is above 100% and disappear if health is below 100%. Colliding with the Dion gives you bonus points and a health increase equal to a PowerCell.
Some maps have stationary tank-like devices which shoot a hard volatile and highly unstable rock substance which will explode after being tossed out by the tank. These rocks are effectively like a grenade and will decrease health if they collide with the VundaBall.

You can destroy a tank by colliding with it, but it will cost you 50% of your health, so before taking on one of these tanks, check your health monitor and make sure you have at least 51% of health.

VundaBall will change color from darker in color to lighter in color the lower health gets, so if you don’t have time to take your eyes off of the VundaBall to check the health monitor, you can use the color of your VundaBall as a general guide.
Health decreases at a constant rate while playing a level so even if you don’t do anything to decrease health, it will decrease anyway. This rate gradually increases as levels increase.
Settings available during game play are located in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

You may enter the settings panel, pause or play game play and toggle audio on or off by these controls.

VundaBall automatically saves game play and setting preferences for you so you can retrieve previous games at the main menu by using the same username used in previous games. If no username is entered at the start of a new game, a default username of “GUEST” is assigned.