Inspiration for VundaBall!!!
At VERGOSOFT LLC, one of our guiding principles for digital media is to connect user experience with the real world somehow. With VundaBall, we achieve this through the emulation of real world gravity as a major driving force in the game. You must tilt your device enough to get VundaBall to roll or to stop rolling; keep your device as level as possible. We believe this connection to real world forces give the user a unique and thrilling experience.
VundaBall has three difficulty settings; Easy, Medium and Hard allowing for a wide range of game play for all levels of skill. We did this so that people who don’t normally play games or for people who don’t fit the profile of the ‘proficient gamer’ have a personal comfort zone in which to challenge and entertain on their own terms. But we also didn’t want this to take away from someone looking to maximize their gaming experience in the extremes. VundaBall delivers both.
The idea for VundaBall came to light when our head game designer was watching his cat play with a toy ball. While the cat was batting it around with his paws and bouncing it off the walls; It seemed to him the only thing running through that cat’s head at the time was; Wonderful, just simply Wonderful. It also seemed like he was having a whole lot of fun. VundaBall is derived from the the words Fun, Wonderful, and Ball. Viola, VundaBall!